Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Haha, I'm actually updating from work!


Either way, just kind of bored at the moment. Finished my follow up for the night, and about to start looking through my teammates' folders.

I'm going to start updating this thing AT LEAST weekly, and with a picture of the bonsai tree I'm growing. Right now the thing is only a little over an inch tall but the limbs have started to sprout all. If things keep going this well, I might have to repot before Spring even gets here! If anyone is familiar with the care of bonsai type trees you'd know that this is abnormal because during the Winter months not much growth is normal in a bonsai, and well, even if you didn't know and don't even care you still know now. The reason I'm kind of excited about this is, that normally it would not even have sprouted under normal conditions in the wild, but with this plant, that I'm growing from a seed, things seem to be moving along quite well! I just hope that I haven't jinxed the whole thing.

Well, back to find something to do before I get in trouble.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Nothing much to report. Just the end of my second week in my new position at ASI.

I think I could get used to it.

Either way, things seem to be getting a little bit easier, and now I've finally been trained on our Customer Info program, Seibel, things should go alot more smoothly regardless.

Been sick all this weekend, wouldn't have bothered me that much if I hadn't needed to go to work on Saturday. I was already feeling like shit on Friday, but 8 hours over time and free lunch? I can feel like shit in front of a computer at home, but getting paid for it seemed like (and I can't believe I'm saying it) seemed like a better idea. So yeah, the longer that I work here the more I feel kind of out of place, though...

Let me put it this way, I was the only guy out of the whole 15+ person training class there yesterday. Not that I have a problem with it, it's just becoming painfully obvious as of late. For over $11 an hour I'm sure I can find some way to not let that bug me too much lol.

Either way, looking into getting a new budget set up AFTER I do a couple of upgrades to the comp and a couple of things looked at on the car. Hoping to start saving up for the restaraunt by the beginning of 07.