Friday, October 20, 2006


Got the promotion at work I applied for last week. Kind of strange, I was hoping to stay in the Academy Bay (where we are till we get used to the call procedures,) but apparently I'll get specific training (since it's a different department) and with the center-wide pay raise, the pay progression being phased out AND the promotion all at once, I'm getting over a buck worth of a raise all at once.

I'm planning on staying here a few years if I can, and getting cash together while hopefully getting into either the productivity/training department or the Systems department. If I could just get into that LAN room that would be a fucking nerd's dream come true. I've never seen so much potential bandwith, a killer LAN party could be had here.

As of this coming Monday, I'm a member of the MONOGRAM CUSTOMER department. Basically what this means is that I get to deal with all the snobby fucks in California (mostly) that feel the need to pay upwards of five grand for a fridge that can hold trim and wood panels that can be made to match the imported italian oak cabinets in their kitchen. Yeah, doesn't sound like much fun, especially since if you have to call to have service done on something like this, you want it done immediately, but that's normally not an option for most people. Luckily for us in the Monogram dept though, these people are high fucking priority and normally CAN get service/exchanges the SAME DAY. Fucking unbelievable, but since it's easier for them, it's technically easier for us as well. So basically I just got a promotion where I'm going to be paid more and it'll make things a lot easier on me.

Also, have I failed to mention that I'm the only guy that got the promotion? Fucking weird, there were only about 4 guys in my training class of 20, and probably less than a fifth of the total employees there are guys. I feel really outnumbered lol.

Anyway, it's eleven something and I'm fucking tired, so I'm going to just lay down. In the unlikely situation that someone needs or wants to get a hold of me, you should know how.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Well, finally got off my ass and decided to post something here.

I wanted to wait until I had something important or interesting to say, but since those moments are few and far in between I just figured I might as well.

Work seems to be going okay, I guess. Nothing really going on, although Friday was the end of our class' first week on the phones. I think that we've all come quite a way from Monday, everyone had their hand up within half a minute of starting a new phone call, but recently we've all been able to figure things out and handle them on our own. In fact, on Thursday I handled what could have very well been a Supervisor call all on my own (more or less) and think I just might be getting used to this.

I hope so, since I've almost got a budget down that would let me not only start saving up for a new car, but even have cash set aside for opening my club/restaurant. I guess things are actually working out for once. Guess I better stop talking before I jinx myself or something though.