Monday, January 28, 2008

Not much new going on here, just same old with work.

On the downside though, I am sick.


Seems like it might be a replay of last year, when I was out of commission for work about 1 month. That shit is definately not going to happen again, not if I can do anything about it.

I have an appointment tomorrow with my allergist to check into this ASAP, I'm not going to wait around like they told me to do last time. Didn't work then, don't expect it to work now.

Either way, due to someone being all bitchy about me not updating I just might actually bother to do it.

I'm sure that person is the only one that reads this damn thing, if you'd like to disprove me please do.

Either way, I'll be home for the first half of tomorrow, most likely anyway so if anyone is reading this and bored let me know.