Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have my own theories about Reach, we all know how it ends though.  Standard example of dramatic irony.

Reach apparently falls, and the covenant come in and blow shit up.  That's not hard to believe since shit is know to BLOW UP, as blowing up is one of shit's most well known properties.

Of course the "new addition" shown in the trailers is "Master Chief." Though he may not be at his current rank, it is the same person.  That's pretty much a given I think.  The fact that the recruit was the only one of the entire Noble Team to not have his/her helmet off is pretty much a dead giveaway.  Also same armor lol.

Some people may have an issue with what I'm going to say next, but I don't really care.  I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE STORY IN HALO GAMES, I JUST WANT TO SHOOT ALIENS IN THE FACE.

While I won't deny that storyline helps a game, I really only play Halo to "play Halo."  I just want to play a game in which I can shoot an alien in the face.  Isn't that why NASA was started?  Hasn't it always been man's dream to find an alien race and splatter it's brains on the pavement/moon crater/vacuum of space?

Story should be on the backburner, moar alien brain splatterin' for me please! :3

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy birthday Mario!
Just wanted to give a more in depth post about what happened over the weekend (not vidya related)

Entered a singing competition on a whim, it's being held by a local radio station here.  I didn't know about the contest until the day before sign ups, but have already secured my spot in the third round! Two down, three to go, so it's a little nerve racking.

I will continue to stop by everyone's blogs and keep to my responsibilities with this blog, I will not likely be posting many articles more than "HAY GUIZE" or something to that effect.  Please don't desert me though followers, I'll still be here!  Now to figure out what the fuck I'm singing next weekend. FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Well, it's official.  Next week (Saturday for sure anyway) there will be a no post from me.

Just to clarify, this doesn't mean I won't be visiting all my followers'/friends' pages and leaving a comment or showing some support, but at least the latter of the three will be assured!  Gotta think of something else to sing for next week though.

Next Saturday afternoon is the start of the semi-finals.  There will be another round on Sunday, if I happen to make it through, so I'll need both days to make sure I'm up for the challenge.  Thanks again for all the well wishes bros, it's much appreciated!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Alright then, just a heads up to everyone here if all goes well I will NOT be posting blog updates over the next couple of weekends.

Got past the preliminaries for a contest being held by a local radio station, it's a singing competition, and given the extra practice I'll be doing I may not have time for any kind of legitimate update.

HOWEVER, I will not be abandoning my post, I will still find a way to check into all of my followers' blogs to give them the support they deserve, so please don't abandon me either guys!

I appreciate all your help with this blog endeavor, and will keep everyone updated!
No in depth post from me today!  Well, at least not right now, heading to a local mall in hopes of placing in a preliminary contest, will keep you all updated

Friday, September 10, 2010

Milestone GET!

I now officially have 25 followers!  Unsure if this reflects the actual number of visits I'm getting daily/monthly, etc. but it's a big deal for me.  Any tips from my popular visitors that will maybe increase my number of views?

Hoping this is just the first of many milestones to come!


"The most anticipated game of 2010" is the tagline, but is it the truth?

Yeah, unfortunately this is the case. As most other games out this year lack the 8-14 year old demographic, whom are not only populous, but really fucking annoying, it's really common sense that this new Halo title would take top of the list.
Though we must thank Microsoft/Bungie for having the release after school is back in session!  Here's to hoping this will somewhat minimize the amount of douchebaggery that everyone that has already finished high school will have to endure.

By no means am I not anxious to play, especially considering all of the beta footage on YouTube, etc. since I didn't get to play it myself.
This was mostly on principle, as to join the beta you were required to have access to the latest (and by no means greatest) in the Halo line-up, Halo ODST.
This was a shit move, and a slap to the face of all of us who don't buy every single game or just never got around to it.  
The other part was me being in a car accident in mid July and being out of work since. So to keep things short I haven't exactly been able to look into any new vidya since.

I really am awaiting Reach, not that I care what anyone else thinks about it.  Though I hate to lump myself in with the obnoxious children that are normally described as the primary fan base, I have been playing since Halo: CE for PC.
I never owned an XBox but still remember pistol-sniping butthurt faggots from half across Blood Gulch.  Ah, the good old days!

So, while I may not be getting or playing Reach for quite some time after it's release on 09/14, I still look forward to playing it when my chance comes.  In short, I guess I'd like to say NO SPOILERS PLZTHXKBAI

P.S. Man... fucking car accidents SUCK.

I figured that we can take today to reflect on one of the greats from games past, and in my opinion - the greatest game of all time.

It's simplicity gives the game mass appeal, even if you don't have opposable thumbs you still can go for the high score!

More simplistic in design and objective than Super Mario, this puzzle game takes a lot more concentration, and unlike the popular side scroller, there is no end boss.

What game could deserve the title of BEST... GAME... EVER?  What am I blabbering on about in broken paragraphs not worthy of all the extra spacing!!  Oh if the internet were paper I'd be killing so many trees right now... but to get back to my point;

I'm talking about TETRIS.

If you've never played, or don't like Tetris, please shoot yourself in the face.  Nothing of value will be lost.  I can (and have on multiple occasions) play this game for hours. The rush of trying for a high score, whether your goal is beating your friends' or your own personal best, there's not much that compares to this classic game.

The game's popularity is recognized by game devs world over, and on all platforms.  If you have a TI-83, cell phone made after 2000, handheld system, or even just your P.C, you likely can have Tetris (or some variant of it at least) on your device, for free, in a matter of seconds.

As an owner of a touch screen smartphone, (Moto Droid running FroYo here,) I've been sorely disappointed with almost every (free) version of the game I could find on the Market.  I mean before they were all cleared out not long ago (copyright infringement lawls) even the best looking tetris game or clone fell short of holding the standard of fun and captivation factor that Tetris DS gives. A real BUTTON, not a virtual one  is really necessary to enjoy Tetris as intended. 

So everyone please pay your respects to one of the greatest video games of all times!  Though our current gen systems and games offer nearly real looking graphics, great physics and actions created via motion tracking suits, none of them can offer the simple pleasure of erasing a four block stack from existence.

Viva Tetris!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

The long awaitied sequel!

Okay, which one did you think of?  The very much needed follow up to Half Life 2: Episode 2?  The (until now) eternally pending Duke Nukem? Or the not so long in the making Pokemon: Black/White?

What game are you most looking forward to?  Will you buy/pirate, rent or maybe just get it used after the hype has died down?

Let me hear your thoughts, please!  Also, HAIL TO THE KING, BABY.  Something always told me Gabe would end up sucking those 100 horse dicks sooner or later...

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Holy shit, two posts in one day!

After playing a couple of rounds of MW2 today it hit me.  Not some profound, koan-esque personal truth, not the secret of life or any of that shit.

QuickScoper bullets.  They tend to hit everyone.  A lot.

What happened was this. I was playing in a standard Free for All, and was listening into a couple of underage douchebags. Unfortunately, this is the most common type you'll run into on XBL. I really hope it's not the same for other platforms.

Either way, the two are pretty much frothing with rage over some guy that's at 2:1 (kicking their ass) and using the terrain against them. The reason?  He was "noob-tubing."

Now while I believe that Danger Close + Noob Tubing is a shitty way to play, and borderline "hax" I put up with it and carry on with playing, finding another class of mine that's specifically suited for that kind of threat.  If I don't have a class that'll work against them, I make one during the next intermission.

But fuck that noise. I can't fucking STAND quickscoping.

Now I really don't care what your outlook on it is, though you're more than welcome to post it, but my opinion (read - FACT) is that quickscoping is bullshit. Anyone that does it for any other reason than as a means of retaliation against boosters or other quickscopers is only further perpetuating this fucking fallacy that it's a legitimate tactic.  FYI, I was using the term "tactic" very loosely.

For anyone that might consider posting "umad" you're fucking right. I'm tired of people claiming OH TAC KNIFE + COMMANDO? OH YOURE COOL or replace any gun/attachment combo with complimenting perk and you have every possible combo that these shit-herders could possibly try to use as reasoning for their bullshit "tactic."

Also, person owning them was me lawl.

And now, we'll separate the men from the boys:


Yeah, I said it.  I'm 24 as of last month and I still play once in a while.  I've played through Red, Blue, Diamond, Platinum and of course, Soul Silver.

Had Gold/Silver but lost both carts and my GBC (some asshole stole it from my locker.)

Anyone else a Pokébro or Pokého?  SPEAK UP!

Pic related, the most bro poké of all time

Monday, September 06, 2010

Prestige Mode?

Almost back to level 70 on my 2nd prestige (69 dude!) and honestly not sure if I want to bother with it again. Anyone have any insight on this? Aside from the one callsign/title per prestige I'm not aware of any other actual "perks." Thoughts?
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Sunday, September 05, 2010


If you know what I'm talking about then follow me, and show some SUPPORT!

Thanks all, leave a message and I'll be glad to check your blog out as well!
Hoping that I'll have some new readers soon.

How about a quick/informal survey?

L4D2 Versus Mode, what is your favorite infected?
Gonna have to say Smoker all day for me!  In L4D2 I enjoy attacking from a distance, which is weird considering that I don't really enjoy sniping in MW2, etc.


I'd like to not suck ass with the Jockey, but only once in a while will I actually get a decent spawn/life :(
Not sure if this will trigger any hotlink block,etc.

What are your thoughts?