Monday, December 31, 2007

Decided that I would keep things more up to date around here after all.

No idea what to try for New Year's resolutions, any suggestions anyone?

Trying not to think too much about work, all kinds of shit will be going on, in the end making my nice easy and not too stressful job a shitton more difficult.

Needless to say, it's going to be a pain trying to improve via NY resolutions, but I always lose interest with them soon after I make them. Maybe for this year's resolution I should just say that I'm going to make sure to follow through with the resolutions for the years to come.

Or some shit, I don't know anymore. Not exactly looking forward to the new year, though only for that reason. Kind of messes everything else up for me.

On a lighter note, who else is playing/has played Guitar Hero III? Just got II and III and haven't really been able to put them down, especially later at night. I'll just get caught up in things and grind songs for hours at a time. Currently, I've beaten the game on Easy and Medium difficulty, and making sure that I get 5 stars on each song in each difficulty level. I'm also playing a Co-Op game (just started and beat easy in a few hours today,) with my sister's fiancee, Joe. Looking to unlock all the other songs for Co-Op on my console next.



Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Holy fuckshit.

Has it really been just about a year since I last posted here? Seems that way. Hadn't even crossed my mind to check this until Mig pointed it out to me.

Either way, now that I have the time (lol yeah right) and the motivation (lol yeah right again) I should hopefully be posting here much more frequently than I have in past 361 days.

But, for now it's about time to head on home from work for the night and I'll see what I can do for the (seemingly) 1 person that actually bothers to check this thing.


Also, I'm about to spend about 350$ for a Wii for my parents. Am I the only person that thinks I'm fucking retarded for this?