Sunday, October 15, 2006

Well, finally got off my ass and decided to post something here.

I wanted to wait until I had something important or interesting to say, but since those moments are few and far in between I just figured I might as well.

Work seems to be going okay, I guess. Nothing really going on, although Friday was the end of our class' first week on the phones. I think that we've all come quite a way from Monday, everyone had their hand up within half a minute of starting a new phone call, but recently we've all been able to figure things out and handle them on our own. In fact, on Thursday I handled what could have very well been a Supervisor call all on my own (more or less) and think I just might be getting used to this.

I hope so, since I've almost got a budget down that would let me not only start saving up for a new car, but even have cash set aside for opening my club/restaurant. I guess things are actually working out for once. Guess I better stop talking before I jinx myself or something though.

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