Friday, September 10, 2010


"The most anticipated game of 2010" is the tagline, but is it the truth?

Yeah, unfortunately this is the case. As most other games out this year lack the 8-14 year old demographic, whom are not only populous, but really fucking annoying, it's really common sense that this new Halo title would take top of the list.
Though we must thank Microsoft/Bungie for having the release after school is back in session!  Here's to hoping this will somewhat minimize the amount of douchebaggery that everyone that has already finished high school will have to endure.

By no means am I not anxious to play, especially considering all of the beta footage on YouTube, etc. since I didn't get to play it myself.
This was mostly on principle, as to join the beta you were required to have access to the latest (and by no means greatest) in the Halo line-up, Halo ODST.
This was a shit move, and a slap to the face of all of us who don't buy every single game or just never got around to it.  
The other part was me being in a car accident in mid July and being out of work since. So to keep things short I haven't exactly been able to look into any new vidya since.

I really am awaiting Reach, not that I care what anyone else thinks about it.  Though I hate to lump myself in with the obnoxious children that are normally described as the primary fan base, I have been playing since Halo: CE for PC.
I never owned an XBox but still remember pistol-sniping butthurt faggots from half across Blood Gulch.  Ah, the good old days!

So, while I may not be getting or playing Reach for quite some time after it's release on 09/14, I still look forward to playing it when my chance comes.  In short, I guess I'd like to say NO SPOILERS PLZTHXKBAI

P.S. Man... fucking car accidents SUCK.


rockStar said...

halo <3

Anonymous said...


Need more views bros!

Come At Me Bro said...

This is so great!

Cool beanz!! said...

loves a bit of halo,
thanks for your support man, just returning the favour,

catch babe

DysmeEinjar said...

if the game's ANYTHING like the trailers, I'll be happy!


B said...

personally cant wait, and im not a 13year old:P
lots of promising game play.
got to play beta for a bit at a friends house, SOOO MUCH BETTER THAN HALO 3.
you can pick up the controller and not utterly suck, the armor abilities are a sweet addition.

Spectacular Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man said...