Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Good things come to those who wait, are patient procrastinate.

Seems like me hating to change things has given me a serious opportunity. I got an in to a "Customer Service" call center not even 2 miles from my house. My friend Jimmel tipped me off (I OWE YOU ONE) about the place, since he signed up and is training (and his mom has worked there for a while as well) at the place for now. Good deal, train for a few weeks, get 9.75 starting, work from 11:30 to 8 weekdays. Looks like being a serious computer nerd pays off lol.

I hate typing tests, and today's could have went much better: 69 wpm with a 93% accuracy (I wish that I could've used the practice round one lol, 72 wpm with 95%) and I have a serious fucking beef with the "Windows Literacy" test they gave. 85% competence? Fuck that. I've been on computers since I was about 6 years old. That's damn near 15 years of computer use. I know damn near every keyboard shortcut and trick, and I'm even decent (though probably slightly rusty) in Linux, and DOS. Hell, give me a MAC and I bet I can figure it out no problem.

Irritation aside, today's been a good day. Looks like I'm finally going somewhere that people will recognize as a move on my part. I like what Randall said in Clerks II, and I feel strongly about it as well. "Sooner or later I'll do something with myself and make my mark. But until then whatever I do is not a waste of time, it's all building on something." So yeah, this might be my way into everything that I've been looking for. I can finally pay off the money I owe to my mom, get a new phone since mine sucks ass sometimes, get my car fixed(!!! No AC in the Summer here is unbearable) and be able to save for my store plans. Here's to hoping, and I'd really like this to pull through since it would be a big turnaround.

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