Tuesday, August 15, 2006

This week is off to a GREAT start
It's more or less just a scheduling conflict, as in I was planning on being lazy and looking up more jobs online on Tues and Thurs, but now shit got flipped on me and I'm working those two days. Why? What difference does it make? Nobody has a court date this week, or anything else marked on the calendar that would merit a day off. Just the normal reminder, rentals due back, orders to be placed for rolls, etc. I was told that I would get those 4 days a week GUARANTEED. Im' not angry that two of my days were changed, I'm just worried that if they go back on their word for something small like that, what's to say that they won't start giving me only three days to work with?

I can't work enough here, but if I'm going to be looking for another job, I have to give 100%. People here don't seem to understand that. I like to give every possible moment to looking into a job and how it would affect my life (good and bad) and weigh the possibilities there. I'm not the best person at making decisions, I realize that. And it should be more than obvious to the rest of my family too. Being indecisive is what made me think that college right away would have been a stupid choice for me, and I hold firmly on that belief, since now that all the bullshit that was slowing me down and clouding my mind is gone now. Who is to say that if I had started going to school, that I wouldn't have had those same problems and screwed things up on a whole new level?

Either way, things are going to be changing soon. Whether it's good or bad overall, I don't really care. I'm kind of bored with this same day in, day out stuff. Well, I guess time to get ready for work.

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