Friday, August 18, 2006

I'm pretty sure that I haven't mentioned this yet on this blog, but anyone that really knows me can attest that I HATE waking up early. When I was still in school, I would have said that anything before 6:00 is early. Nowadays though, I hate being up before 9. I guess working at Yorgo's and having to be up at 4:00 made me feel this way, as I've been getting all the sleep I can since I left there.

I'm hoping that getting up early and working full time won't be anywhere near as tiring as all this restaurant bullshit is. I'm giving up part time for full, hot ass grill sections and fryers for air-conditioning, and roll tables and cutting boards for a computer. I'm doing what I thought would be the worst for me, and that's doing something that I like for a living. Hopefully this doean't backfire in my face and make things feel off every time I boot my computer up at home.

Either way, I'm sick of being in restaurants for now. The heat and poor hours, not to mention the fact that there's no way I'd be hired by one around here that would pay anywhere near as good as this job is. Right off the bat I may add: seems that my work experience, customer service contacts and computer training have made me a "promising" asset for these people. I type decent, and from what I understand did a good job on the "angry customer" roleplay assignment which my four weeks working in telemarketing I can say actually came in useful for once.

But yeah, piss test done, paperwork done, just need the results back in and I'm officially going to be making 9.85 an hour. One thing about that drug test though... I can't fucking believe they won't let you wash your hands after getting that. WHAT THE SHIT. I happen to have a slight case of OCD when it comes to having myself (and as with most people afflicted with it, my hands) clean. I can't stand not washing my hands if I do something that I believe merits washing, and that annoys my mom (who can't keep paper towels around me for that reason) but all the managers I've worked for in the kitchens love it, but I digress. HOW IN GOOD CONSCIENCE, BEING IN THE MEDICAL PROFESSION CAN YOU ASK SOMEONE TO USE A PEN FOR THE SAKE OF SIGNING DRUG TESTING CONSENT FORMS WITHOUT WASHING THEIR HANDS?!?! Even worse, HOW CAN YOU ASK SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT RIGHT AFTER THEM!!

But yeah, I'm going to get some sleep hopefully before I go into work at 6.

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Jaded said...

Been reading over your blog. Sorry I lost the link. There's nothing wrong with being OCD. It's healthy in a way. Congrats on the job.