Monday, August 21, 2006

Ah, so I missed a day (technically two I suppose.)

But yeah, I've been trying to get things together to help me switch as easily as possible from Philly's to my new job. Also been getting rid of some of my older work clothes, as they're pretty beat up from the restaurant and I just don't feel like having something that worn out around. With my new pay I should be able to go out and grab some new stuff within a month. I figure, if I'm getting at least 350 a week, then first check goes towards car insurance and gas. (Anything left over goes into savings.) Next week, I'll pay off my credit card bill at least half, and the rest towards gas and savings again. Third, pay off some of what I owe my mom from when she covered my insurance while I was out of work. Last week's check, (just for the first month) will probably go into getting my car up to date on tires and everything.

Hooked up the speakers I picked up from that yard sale a couple of days ago. They're pretty decent, I think I might be hooking the other two up sometime soon if I can get out and remember to find the wiring.

Just a few days left at Philly's, and it seems like it came just at the right time. For the first time since I started working there, I actually felt that I couldn't stand it to stand in front of the grill. Looking down at it and having to lay tickets down just kind of pissed me off. We weren't even busy at all, I just guess that it finally clicked that this isn't what I should be doing with my time right now.

I hope that feeling is right.

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Jaded said...

Oh that's definately not the place for you.

You're better than that.