Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Training is retarded.

I believe these past two days we've done things that personally, I think I could have figured out on my own in two hours. Not even.

Now I know that I expect way too much of people especially when on computers as working on them is my forte, but come on. I really don't see how some of these people passed the Windows Literacy test. Maybe they're not used to working with more than two applications open at once, I don't know. I really don't care.

I know that I shouldn't be bitching when I'm getting paid almost $10 an hour to sit around and become overly familiar with it, but I'm fucking bored. I think that today our trainer allowed us almost an hour OVER worth of breaks than we're supposed to take. The shitty thing is that when you go on "breaks" you log out. When you log out (as I understand it,) your pay stops. I don't want to fucking sign out four or five times a day when I'm only supposed to get two plus a lunch. Rediculous. Note to self, training would be a kick ass opt-out once I get out of training. Looks like easy money and it's 8 weeks off the phone at any given time.

Either way, I'll just be glad when Friday rolls around and I don't have to wear some fucking polo shirt. I hate polo shirts. Fuck I hate polo shirts.

Just to clarify:
Training sucks, need to become a trainer, breaks suck, easy money, fucking polo shirts.

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