Saturday, August 26, 2006

I think I finally have everything ready for work. Car is washed, vacuumed, new clothes worn in (somewhat,) got a bookbag (I miss school lol) to carry all my shit around in, hell, I even bought frozen dinners to bring for lunch. The only thing I'm planning on doing tomorrow is relaxing, so if anyone has some ideas I'm game. It's also time for me to go buy another spindle of CDs to get ready for my backup regime. Fun, fun.

For anyone that might try to get ahold of me, I'd suggest either looking me up on AIM as the0taku1, or now under GoogleChat (internet phone service FREE btw) under my GMail account toshikazu.fukunaga. Don't have GMail? Ask me here for an invite. Shit, this thing is a hell of a lot more clear than my cell, and I'm also more likely to answer lol. Just an FYI.

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Jaded said...

I'm mad you washed your car for your job. Like you were going to be working out of your job. Man fuck you. (I'm just kidding.)