Wednesday, September 08, 2010

And now, we'll separate the men from the boys:


Yeah, I said it.  I'm 24 as of last month and I still play once in a while.  I've played through Red, Blue, Diamond, Platinum and of course, Soul Silver.

Had Gold/Silver but lost both carts and my GBC (some asshole stole it from my locker.)

Anyone else a Pokébro or Pokého?  SPEAK UP!

Pic related, the most bro poké of all time


Anonymous said...

gotta catch em all

Anonymous said...


EarthSpark420 said...

I'm 20 and I will always be down for playing Pokemon. I'm amazing at Pokemon Stadium for N64 as well =]

Showing some support, hope you return the favor!

The0taku said...

@ Jacob: Damn Straight
@ Sup: Thanks bro, same here if you keep your blogposts coming!
@ E.S.: Hell yeah. Stadium was pretty awesome but it could have been so much better at the same time. Wish they'd do a new game of that style for Wii.

Money said...

lol pokemon is the shit. the original 493 pokemon.

Anonymous said...

Pokefan here! Atleast up until gold and silver. Yellow version was my all time favorite. I miss that game =/
hopefully they remake it, oh well anyways

Followed, clicked, and supported HARD bro.
much love