Friday, August 25, 2006

Today was a productive day.


The only thing that I managed to do today was get a massive headache, and then later on go buy a couple more polo shirts for work and a new watch (only to have to take the watch to a jeweler to get some links taken out later.) Could have been worse though, and somehow I managed to wake up right at 10:00. That's better than what I can say for Thursday, heh. I think I slept in until almost 3:00, but that was mostly because I like to sleep as much as humanly possible on my birthday every year.

As for the new job, for some reason they still have not recieved my background check; which worries me because I don't know exactly what's on the damn thing. I try to do good at whatever job I take up, but sometimes it just doesn't work out... And I'm good at recognizing the signs.

For example, after three weeks of working at IMA (some telemarketing thing out in VaBeach) about a year ago, I just stopped coming in. It was a high pressure environment, with "team leaders" behind you yelling at you to deliver your lines and make sales, while you have to fight with disgruntled (and might I add, unwilling) customers that want nothing more than to hang up on you. So yeah, I called them up one day near the end of my fourth week and told them that due to transportation issues, I'd no longer be able to work for them.

The other issue that might come up would be my short lived employment with Costco Wholesale. I really wish that I could have told myself to keep this job, but working in that bakery was killing me, literally. Some kind of chemical (or combination of, which is not only dangerous, but against health code) that they used in cleaning (not what I had in mind when I was told I'd be in packaging in the bakery) made me develop symptoms of what seemed like bronchitis, though right after I left they completely disappeared. Strange, huh? Either way, I called in three days in a row (couldn't help it) and after that I got the whole "we'd like to keep you coming in but we're running a business here and can't take a risk with someone who keeps calling in" line of bullshit. Really, too bad about that job though. Best paying job I ever had including this one... Oh well.

Damn, it's really sad cause now that I've thought about it... Other than days when I would be working this really has been a highly productive day. lol Welcome to my boring ass world.

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Jaded said...

Being productive isn't boring. It's quite useful.