Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Just found out that I don't have to work for the rest of this week...


That shit sucks, and there's no way around it. I would have prefered to work at least two days this week, but apparently it would be a hassle to keep me on payroll so I guess there isn't much that I can do in this situation.

I didn't ask for Monday off, and I didn't ask to work Tues (though I wasn't scheduled for that day and then was accordingly.) I was asked to take off Wed so a coworker of mine could get a few extra hours, so that left me with tomorrow (which I took off over a month ago just to be sure,) Fri and Sat for this week. So much for that idea. I could have probably started training THIS week instead of next. Now I'm more or less behind another week and though normally that wouldn't piss me off, but since I'm trying to go about making a big change here I'd appreciate it if people would help me out and stop fucking around with my schedule.

Since that won't happen, I guess I can just hope that this new job works out as well as I think it will. I've already got big plans, and all that needs to happen is this job pulling through in the way it says it will.

Also, I seem to be missing the remote to my radio in the car. I don't even know if they sell replacements, but if they don't I'm out of luck. I hate having to mess with the volume dial on the thing, just seems too sensitive. I guess I'll have to worry about this later. Got too much shit to do.

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Jaded said...

Sorry about your schedule. That really sucks. I'm sure they sell replacement remotes. Try eBay. If you know of anyone hiring please let me know.